Premier Hybrid

9" Medium - Mlily

  • $249.99
  • Save $50


The Premier Hybrid features quilted gelCoreTM gel-infused memory foam and an individually pocketed innerspring system. Experience the superior components and quality found throughout the MLILY line, but with remarkable savings. Now with a premium bamboo blended cover!


Plant Based Oil Mattress  Plant-Based Oils: An alternative to petroleum chemicals, a castor seed and plant oil blend replaces up to 20% of the fossil-fuel based oils in some of our polyurethane foams. Castor seeds are efficient to harvest, as they contain almost 50% oil and are healthier for the producer and consumer, emitting no volatile organic compounds.


Semi Open Cell Memory Foam  Semi-Open Cell Structure: Specially formulated to maintain the perfect balance between air flow and recovery time, our semi-open cell memory foam uses fewer chemicals than traditional foam. Fully open cell foam can sink too quickly, while closed cell foam traps heat and can make you feel “stuck”. With our semi-open cell structure breathability and air flow are increased, without sacrifing slow recovery time, and supportive elasticity.


Renewable Resources Mattress  Renewable Resources: Every mattress by MLILY features a variety of naturally renewable resources, minimizing our environmental impact, while maximizing the quality, comfort, and value of our products.


Cool Comfrot Gel Foam Mattress  Cool Comfort Gel Foam: Beaded gel foam is the ultimate in cooling technology. Thousands of micro-pores allow the movement of air throughout the foam, dissipating heat and promoting cooler undisturbed sleep. Formulated to be soft and supportive, cool comfort gel foam is durable and consistent.


Quilted Foam Mattress  Quilted Foam in Cover: Added softness while keeping you cooler with bamboo infused or gel memory foam.


Flow Ventilated Foam Mattress  Flow Ventilated Foam: Allowing for greater breathability, ventilated foam increases air circulation and helps to dissipate body heat that could become trapped in the foam. Maximized airflow means a cooler, more comfortable sleep.


Removable Mattress Cover  Removable Cover: All MLily’s anti-microbial covers are removable and can be dry-cleaned. Care should be taken to avoid spills or moisture that will be absorbed by the foams.


Compressed Sleep Product Mattress  Compressed Sleep Product: MLily mattresses are compressed, rolled, and sealed into remarkably small packages for easy transport and delivery. Ready to unpack and setup when you are, your mattress will return to its original shape and feel within just a few short hours. Many of MLily’s mattresses can be lifted and moved by a single able-bodied individual.

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