4" Firm - Malouf

  • $49.99

This uniquely filled and moldable travel pillow will give you the same comfortable sleeping experience on the road or at the hotel. The Travel Aeration™ is filled with polyethylene tubes which promote excellent airflow and cooling, and is a perfect hypoallergenic pillow to take in your suitcase. Simply adjust the pillow to your loft preference and the pillow will conform to your natural body curves and remain comfortable and supportive throughout the night. The fill is encased in a travel friendly inner spandex cover that flexes and adjusts to your head and neck movements. The Aeration™ also includes an outer cover made of half spandex and half rayon from bamboo velour for an additional layer of comfort.

  • Filled with air cushioning polyethylene tubes
  • Buckwheat alternative conforms to support head and neck
  • Flexible fill promotes continuous airflow
  • Compressible design allows for convenient travel or use as a neck roll pillow
  • Convenient size can be used as a traditional sleeping pillow
  • Two-sided rayon from bamboo velour and spandex cover

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