15" Plush - Mlily

  • $949.99

Imagine snuggling into a bed and gently drifting off on the soft support of the industry’s finest gel memory foam. Picture enjoying this comforting routine every evening for years to come. It’s always wonderful to have your expectations fulfilled. It’s even better to know that you’re experiencing more than you could have hoped for. Enjoy that sense of satisfaction and comfort with every good night’s sleep on this dreamy Mlily Bliss memory foam gel bed. The Bliss does more than promise and deliver. This remarkable mattress exceeds your highest expectations for ultimate sleeping luxury. Very few beds offer layer upon layer of comfort and support. The Bliss offers it all in 15 perfectly constructed inches of the finest memory foam.

• 8-inch base of highly resilient, durable HD foam
• 2-inch memory foam rebound support from UltraCore layer
• 2.5 inches of pressure-reliving M48 high density memory foam
• 1.5-inch layer of memory foam infused with cooling GelCORE
• 1-inch top layer of bamboo memory foam quilted into soft, silk covering

A Relaxing, Healthy Sleep Experience
The CDC recently documented THE EFFECTS OF SLEEPLESS NIGHTS and reported that insufficient rest is a growing public health concern. The Mlily Bliss mattress offers a deeply relaxing experience that ensures much-needed sleep at the end of a long, hard day. It also helps maintain your good health with these unique features:

• Anti-microbial top layer to alleviate allergy and respiratory problems
• Semi-open foam cell structure that ensures cool, comfortable sleep
• Superior relief for all pressure points from neck to ankles
• Deep, relaxing support for shoulders, spine and hips
• Indulge in luxurious quality at a remarkable price point.
• Relax with a single sleeping surface that never needs flipping.
• Rest assured of quality backed by Mlily’s solid 10-year warranty.
• Sleep well on a mattress manufactured with a COMMITMENT TO SUSTAINABILITY.

Well-Deserved Comfort and Luxury
 You deserve it and so much more.

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